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Convince Businesses that you’re the right company for them with your own professional corporate video production

Corporate Video Production Camera

How We Work

Let’s Talk

Here we get to know you, your business and your goals so we can ensure the video we make for you resonates with your target market and generates Leads.

The Solution

We put together the story that we are going to use to showcase your business to impress prospective clients. We use our expertise to bring your vision to life.

We Get Busy

We handle all stages of production; script writing, filming & editing. We’ll work with you to find a schedule that accommodates your business needs.

Why Do You Need A Corporate Video Production?

Video is the ultimate convince stage tool. Once your prospective client has arrived on your site, they will decide very quickly if they like what they see and if they want to stay longer. Having a video on your site entices visitors to easily learn more about your products and services by simply watching your video. What’s more, a video adds credibility to your business as it shows you are serious about winning their trust and giving them the product they are looking for.

Corporate Video Production

We can make a corporate video for your business that showcases your products and services to your prospective clients. The video can include interviews, footage of your factory/offices, testimonials from your happy clients & product shots. We handle all the production requirements and work closely with you to understand your business and to develop a script and story that converts prospect clients into clients.

Corporate Video Production

Video Statistics

Watch this short video for some hard hitting facts about how video can help your company

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How Long Does It Take To Make A Corporate Video?

We always try to produce the highest quality video in the shortest time possible. It usually takes Between 4 – 12 weeks. But this depends on a few factors as well. Like; the length of the video (usually around 5-8 minutes), Availability of people being interviewed and people who are needed for pre-production and length of time it takes to get approvals.

Do You Make Other Videos Instead of Corporate Videos?

Video is one of the best tools for convincing prospective clients to become clients. There are many ways to use video to help businesses achieve this goal and we can help to create marketing videos, testimonial videos, sales videos and more. We don’t just make a video and walk away, we want your video to achieve it’s goal and that means that the videos we make play a particular role in helping you attract, convince and close deals with new prospects.

I Know I Need A Video, But What Should It Have In It?

Don’t worry, we have tons of ideas. Once we get to know you, your business and your goals, we will be able to help you decide on what type of video you need and how it can be used to drive B2B leads for your business. The video can be hosted on your website and we can help you with a landing page to place the video on as well. We can help you with promoting the video and even help you with supporting content to support the video and drive new leads.

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