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When it comes to B2B SEO we know you need a partner that understands your business. We’ll work to get you found for the business searches that matter to you.

How We Work

Let’s Talk

B2B SEO is about finding the right approach that will work for your unique challenges and to do this we will get to know you, your company and your goals

The Solution

No magic keyword formulas or dodgy tricks to rank higher. We’ll put together a B2B SEO road map for you that plays to your strengths and gets you ranking where it matters

We Get Busy

We keep you updated and show you where we are gaining ground with the B2B SEO strategy we designed for you. You’ll see how traffic from Google turns into actual leads.

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Why Do You Need A B2B SEO Agency?

B2B SEO is in the first stage of a 3 stage journey to converting prospective clients into clients. It’s about making sure potential clients see your website in the search results when they are looking for services and products your company provides. We now have a chance of getting them to visit your site where they can learn more about your company and eventually become a client. We will work with you to make sure your site is getting noticed

Keyword Research for B2B SEO

Keyword research is important and when we select the keywords that we want you to rank for on Google, we work closely with you to understand your industry and your position in it. We then do competitor analyses and keyword data analyses to explore things like how competitive a keyword is and how many people use that keyword every month. With this information we can advice you on which keywords you should focus on.

B2B SEO Agency keyword research
B2B SEO Agency content

Content to Support B2B SEO

Keywords need great content. We can help you with designing and creating your content strategy to support your SEO efforts. This can be copy, illustrations, videos, downloadable Pdf’s, case studies, white papers and more. If we think it will help you then we’ll suggest it and help you to turn it into a powerful lead generation tool.

Site Speed Optimisation

Your site speed is critical to getting better search engine rankings. We can help to get your site running faster so that your potential clients aren’t leaving before you get a chance to show them what you can do for them. We can help with hosting solutions, java script optimisation, image compression, and more.

B2B SEO Agency website speed
B2B SEO Agency website speed


We use and are affiliated with SEMRush. SEMRush is the software we primarily use for our SEO Research, Tracking and Reporting. It’s a powerful tool that we encourage all our clients to take advantage of. The tool is really easy to use your self and we can help you get the best use out of it for your company.

Google Search Reaches Over 90% Of Internet Users

Let’s make sure businesses can find your website

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How Long Does It Take To Get Results
It varies. Google uses sophisticated algorithms to decide on which website should be listed in the top spots for a certain keyword. Google scans your website to look for changes but we have no direct control over this. Real valuable gains are made with high quality content and building links to your site. These things take time to happen, but it’s worth it in the end.
I Know this guy who says he can get me to position 1 on Google. Is that Good?
Is his name Quality Content? Because we know him too and he works for us. It’s not just about getting to position 1 for a search term. You are looking to attract lots of good quality traffic from businesses looking for your services and this means you need to target the right keywords. We always aim for position 1, but we measure the amount of traffic we get as the real result.
Can You Run An SEO Check On My SIte?
Most definitely. This is often the first thing we would do so that we can get a good sense of how well your site is doing. What’s working and what’s not working. There might be some really quick fixes that can make a huge improvement. The review we give you will list everything we found that is affecting your SEO and will show you which of those things are priority and which are nice to fix things as well.
What Is White hat SEO?
Google changed the world by allowing websites to be found based on their content and not just the alphabetical order of their name. But they weren’t able to stop websites from taking advantage of this new system. For example websites would stuff keywords into a page to rank higher for that keyword. Google caught up to these black hat techniques and it penalised those websites heavily. It’s not worth it to attempt those kinds of activities. We only do white hat SEO that is based on best practises of using high quality content and making sure your site is well optimised for search engines.

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